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I still remember this conversation like it was yesterday.  I had started with this new client who told me he has tried everything and he can’t lose any weight.  He is on all kinds of medications and his doctors told him he is also developing diabetes.

“I am afraid I am going to die an early death and I won’t be there for my kids to help them grow up.  It scares me to think they won’t have a dad”

This hit me hard because at the time I had a 2-year-old daughter and I started thinking about her and if I wasn’t there to help her grow up.

It is the ultimate feeling of guilt thinking that you are going to let your kids down because you are not taking care of your health and you end up leaving them way too early as a result.

I felt a deep responsibility to Mike and knew from what health issues he was already having that if he didn’t get the weight off and improve his nutrition that his kids would lose their father.

It took 1 hour teach him the Flexible Carb Cycling principles and then the weight started coming off and coming off.

In the end, he ended up losing…  Well, I will let you read for yourself below and to see a picture of Mike before and after his weight loss.

“I hit the 100 pounds loss mark this morning, weighing in at 235.  That’s 100 pounds lost since I started with you.  WOW- that’s all I hear, people that haven’t seen me in a while are just amazed and even those I see… Read more…


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