10 little known tips to safely detox to get that feeling of vitality again!Are you struggling to get out of bed in the mornings with joint and muscle pain and have you lost the excitement of your youth when each day had a ZING to it and couldn’t wait for the day to begin?

If you want to be able to feel great about yourself and know that you are in control of your health without being controlled by Pharmaceutical companies then this may be the most important message you will ever read: Here’s Why: I have just created a new book called: “Detox For Health – through fasting” – a formula to allow your body to rid itself of build up of acidosis and other crap stored in your colon and intestines. To be in balance and therefore in harmony with your millions of cells that make up your physical body in a minimum time of only 30 days!

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen to others that have read my “Detox for Health” book

Sharon, I appreciate the way you have made this process so simple to understand & follow… another positive is that the contents are so inspiring & motivating that even the laziest person would get up & be ready to a healthier lifestyle following your system/method…

Sharon, I love your eBook! It has a thorough description of how to proceed to a more healthy you and is very inspiring! Let’s all detox! Mary Felton

Sharon, “Your Detox For Health” book on detoxing for vitality is excellent, especially for someone who has never done any fasting before. I found it to be really helpful and filled with great information and ideas. Jan Revell, Meditation Teacher, Entrepreneur

For me to coach you privately on Detoxing/Fasting you’d be paying $100 an hour or if you were somehow… Read more…


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