24 Day Kick StartHow do I know that? It’s simple, really. I’ve helped 2,463 people just like you get in the best shape of their life – so they really LIVE their best life. In fact, on our Youtube channel, we have over 320 video testimonials from these folks proving our programs really work. Here’s just a small sample…

“I’ve lost 80 pounds. My life is forever changed. The personal trainers, accountability and total program made it different than other things I have tried.” Lori B.

“I’ve lost 30 pounds in 6 months, I have more energy, keep up with my kids, and I feel WONDERFUL. The support and accountability from the program has been huge!” Cathy E.

“I’m down 35 pounds and over 30 inches from when i started. I’ve gone from a size 6-8 even in jeans. This program is exactly what I needed to get started!” Pam M

“Get You In Shape was just what I needed to get my health in order. 50 Pounds lost but more importantly, my health is now back to normal.” Scott W.

“I lost 15 pounds in the first 24 days and went on to lose 30 pounds in 5 months! After many attempts, this program was the one!” Brandon

“I still can’t believe that I’ve lost 35 pounds in the first 8 months and my health is at it’s best in years because of this awesome program” Catherine W.

“After having three kids, this program helped give me the kick start I needed to lose 20 pounds in 4 months!” Cynthia L

“I was not a happy person before caving into the program but after a few weeks I was a new ME. It helped that I lost 14 pounds in the first 24 days too 🙂 ” Tarah W.

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