(1) Biblical Belly Breakthrough“I was tired all of the time, irritable and achy everywhere! The plan is easy to follow, delicious and amazingly, I’m never hungry! I found food shopping simple and meal prep a breeze. I am doing great and maintaining my weight loss. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement from my husband, friends and Kristina. I can where normal sized clothing and not PLUS sizes for the first time in years. The Shepherd’s Diet works!”

“I saw how energetic and lean Kristina was and she shared with me that she follows The Shepherd’s Diet. I was convinced I needed to try the plan. I was amazed by my lack of hunger, increased energy and elevated mood. My muscle to fat ratio has changed dramatically. My body fat is down and my muscle mass is up! I am so excited to see where I will be in a few more months from now! I am grateful for Kristina and her encouragement, support and empathy!”

I found the plan so simple to follow. My energy is up and I have dropped two dress sizes! I love the ease of The Shepherd’s Diet and how I am rarely hungry. I have less aches and pains and my mental clarity is awesome. This is how I eat now. It’s a lifestyle that keeps me at my optimum self. My doctor even said, “where did your Parkinson’s go?”

I was so conditioned to believe that fat was bad, it was hard for me to believe this would help me lose weight! However, when I looked at Kristina, I couldn’t believe this woman (old enough to be my mom) was so full of energy, lean and really strong! I had to try The Shepherd’s Diet. This food plan is… Read more…


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